Monday, June 28, 2010

The Quotable Vera Wright

(Muahahaha - I will now distract you with profound quotes until I manage to finish and review The Vera Wright Trilogy by Elizabeth Jolley, which is both very long and very good.)

My father used to say that learning something was not really of any use unless it was fitted to some other thing which had been learned. Perhaps a better way of saying this is to say that facts should be linked and everything should then be applied to where it belongs in human life. This is true about fiction, he said then, fiction places people where they belong in society. There is no such thing he said as a dated novel. The novel set in a particular time gives a picture of that time with all the details of life as it was lived then. In any case he said human beings have not changed except outwardly in fashion where clothes and food are concerned and in the equipment they have learned to use. Love and hate and revenge, ambition, jealousy and grief are all as they have always been.
- The Vera Wright Trilogy: Cabin Fever - Elizabeth Jolley

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  1. I like the part of the quote where it says how no novel is ever dated and how people have always and will always experience the same emotions.