Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BEA Plunder the Vlog Part 2

Yes. It's me. Vlogging again. I considered the comments on the last post to be sufficient encouragement to try my hand at this again. If that wasn't your intention, dear commenters, do accept my apologies.

Here's the thing. I attempted to upload it to YouTube, two different ways and the video and audio still doesn't seem to me to sync up quite right. It's better than the last one, I think, but definitely still not quite right. Then I uploaded it to Photobucket and it came out quite nice, but it won't embed in this post. Then, in keeping with my M.O., I got frustrated and quit. The end result is that today...we have options. You can A) watch the not quite right version here if you're pressed for time and/or don't like having to do that extra click or B) click over to Photobucket and watch the better version there (unfortunately, I am also in the "better" version, but at least the words match up with the movements my mouth is making!). Of course, there is an option C) don't watch it at all, but who would want to do that when you have this golden opportunity to hear me awkwardly talk about books? Who knows when I'll get frustrated for good with all this video stuff and wander off to look at shiny things, never to be seen on your computer monitor again?

Also, if you choose options A or B, you might have to crank up the volume a little. I was A) making this at night when my whole household was asleep (it was late - which might also explain why I'm a little weirder in this video than the last one) and B) still learning how the webcam and accompanying microphone work without having the time to remake the same 9 minute video a dozen times.

I think that concludes all the apologies and disclaimers.

So now, either watch it here...

...or on Photobucket - definitely the better option.


Or, I suppose, you could just consult this list of the books I've rambled on about.

Let's Take the Long Way Home - Gail Caldwell
Dust - Joan Frances Turner
Cleopatra - Stacey Schiff
Molly Fox's Birthday - Deirdre Madden
If I Were You - L. Ron Hubbard
Salvation City - Sigrid Nunez
Oogy - Larry Levin
Voice of America - E.C. Osondu
The Last Princess and the Cup of Immortality - D.R. Whitney
The Gendarme - Mark T. Mustian
Saint Training - Elizabeth Fixmer
The DUFF - Kody Keplinger
Foxybaby - Elizabeth Jolley
The Sugar Mother - Elizabeth Jolley


  1. Cleopatra was the one book I wanted but didn't wait in line to get. Looks like you have a great assortment of titles to choose from. Happy reading!


  2. Wait! We can't trust pirates! Sonofamonkeybucket. Aaarrggg! ;) Great list of books!

  3. Wow, that is a heap o' books you got! The only one I managed to nab was the first one (also because of Wendy's review). I'm looking forward to part 3!

    Shame about the pic with the pirate!

  4. I just switched from YouTube to Vimeo, and I totally recommend them if you're looking for a way to embed in the future. :) And now for my excessively long running commentary on your vlog...

    What is UP with the zombie craze?! lol I still haven't ever read a zombie book, and I can't see that changing any time soon. Vampires just seem to have more style. ;)

    Yeah-that Cleopatra bio has a bit of a misleading cover. But yay for nonfic! :)

    I'm just reading my first circus-themed book this month, but I'm curious to read more. Weren't you collecting circus recs a long time ago? Or was that a different blog? (I swear, my memory has given up on me.)

    I think every Nigerian author I've read has been really, really good so Voices of America is one I'll have to look out for!

    I'm uncomfortable with the lumping of Twilight & HP w/ LOTR...they're such different styles of books! Crazy authors. :p

    Lurve the cover of Saint Training. You should read and review that soon so I can decide whether or not to grab it from my library!

  5. I second what Eva said about Saint Training!

  6. Ooh, the Gendarme book looks interesting. Is it about the Armenian Massacre? I remember reading about that in Jerusalem a few years go. It was indescribably sad and I haven't been able to read anything else about it since, but I might want to in the future.

    btw, what the heck does a circus have to do with pirates??

  7. Gendarme is on my wish list.

    Megan...good for you, as I would have no clue how to vlog!! LOL