Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#AMonthofFaves : Year in Books Timeline

And I'm back with #AMonthofFaves stuff today.  Bookish timelines are the order of the day today, so here's a brief look at my year in books...

January - Started the year with not a bang, DNFing two historical fiction titles that definitely didn't live up to their 2013 predecessors. While I'm failing to actually read any books, I become the unwitting poster child for the Friends of the Library book sale when a picture of me appears in the local newspaper clutching a stack of my new (used) acquisitions. I am the picture of bookish irony.  Literally.

February - The month when I was ready for summer to come. I blame Whistling in the Dark by Lesley Kagen and her very convincing Milwaukee summer.

Is it summer yet?

March - Doesn't look like the month I read the least, but probably is. I turned 30 and changed jobs. I was busy eating a cake every week and discovering that lunch break reading was a thing in my past, leaving little time for the mediocre reading that marked this month.

April - My book group ruined Ender's Game (which I finally read!) for me with, like, all their intelligent ethical qualms about Ender's character. D'oh.

May - This is the month I remember that I have a blog and start posting on it which some regularity again. I attempted my first Bout of Books leading to an excellent five book month.

Blogging, I does it.

June - It takes until June for me to read a book I know will end up on my top ten for the year. I think I'll keep the title under wraps until next week, though. ;-)

July - My records say I only read one book. My brain knows I was digging my way through John Irving's substantially long and dense The Cider House Rules (which I finally read!).

August - Bout of Books take two on the year results in an even bigger reading month than May. I finally start reading the Divergent series after years of meaning to.

September - I read the best YA book I read this year. Nope, not telling til next week.

 Nope, really not telling. Yet.

October - Marks something else I never do - read a second book by an author I'd read earlier in the year that's not part of series. Maybe I'll eventually even get around to reviewing it.

November - Is when I start reading Christmas books, for once achieving the aim of actually reading Christmas books during the holiday season.

December - I trade reading a lot for blogging way more dependably than usual. I imagine I can do it all and still finish a few more books this month even while writing 70% more posts than usual (and forget all that extra commenting!).  Endeavor seems destined for failure on one front or another...  To be determined.

I love you, you little thief of reading time.

What's a notable event in your year in books?


  1. Now dying to know what your. If reveal from June is! I've never participated in Bout of Books; though it looks like fun, one can only do so many activities, right? Blogging and reading, or vice versa, take up a lot of time. I'm glad that you put your year according go month as I did. That seems the easiest way to tackle a summary of a year's worth of reading!

  2. Oh, Megan, your posts always make me laugh! Clever format and now I'm also dying to hear what your favorite books of the year were. You always have good recommendations, so I'll definitely stay tuned!

  3. sounds like a great year over all. Bout of Books is great!

  4. Love your April note re book club. Reminds me of lit classes ruining perfectly good books with over analyzing. UGH!

  5. May "This is a month I remember I have a blog" = cracking me up!

    Great timeline!

  6. You make me laugh!
    I've got the same thought concerning December: lot of blogging, not so much on the reading front.

  7. Great look back at your year!!! Thanks for playing along. :D

  8. OK - I need to check out this Bout of Books Readathon...this is the second time I've seen it in a timeline post. And - I absolutely love John Irving...although Cider House isn't one of my favorites of his.