Sunday, August 5, 2012

Loose Leafing: The Olympic Edition

Good news, world!  I actually finished a book this week.  For some reason, that's exceedingly rare for me lately.  Unfortunately, it wasn't The Stand, but I'm really truly hoping that's the next book I finish, and hopefully in short order, too.  So, hopefully again, there will be a review of a real book for you this week, and I can continue to call myself a book blogger in good conscience.

In the meantime, I will go on about non-bookish things.  I mean, there are at least two of you out there that don't mind it when I do this.  That's enough for me!

Things have been pretty busy here on the home front.  For one thing, I'm a total Summer Olympics junkie, so you must know how I've been spending most of my time this week.  I'll give you a really obvious hint - it's not reading or blogging.  ;-)  I've been loving the swimming and the gymastics (and the beach volleyball and the syncronized diving and the...), but really, what hot blooded woman doesn't enjoy watching some Olympic swimming?  And, also, I am that sucker that still just about cries when show the umpteenth video montage/half hour pseudo-documentary about the Magnificent Seven, so it was good to see the U.S. take home some gymnastics gold again.  I can still remember being in middle school staying up deep into the night watching Kerri Strug make her vault, and it just about being the best thing ever.  This time around wasn't quite as emotionally fraught, but it was still pretty darn awesome.

Despite the fact that I'm even feeling a little bit warm and fuzzy about Michael Phelps at the moment, my Olympic viewing experience hasn't been and sunshine and rainbows.  Random Olympic rantings, anyone? Ok, sure!

1. I can't wait for the Olympics to be in a time zone closer to mine.  That way I won't be subjected to internet spoilers, and maybe NBC will have fewer opportunities to screw everything up with their coverage.

2. Or maybe someone else can just pick up the television coverage ball next time around so we can see more sports and fewer video montages?  Maybe we can watch one sport for more than 15 minutes at a time?  Maybe you could show more men's gymnastics than just, like, floor routines and massive pommel horse fails?  I mean, do they even have the still rings anymore?  Where have the still rings gone, NBC??  I must know!

3. I miss being a kid and having nowhere to go in the mornings during the summer, never more so than during the Olympics, because, of course, all the best stuff is on after people with jobs who like to have somewhere approaching 7 hours of sleep have to go to bed.

4.  On Water Polo: Mad props to the athletes that have enough endurance to pursue this extremely difficult-looking sport.  Unfortunately, I don't have endurance enough to watch.  Does anybody else thing that water polo is kind of a snore?

In other news, I am also a total sucker for the sentimental/inspirational Olympic commercials.  I swear, I get more excited about these commercials than I do about Super Bowl commercials.  I mean, how about the one with the "But to their moms, they'll always be kids," one?  Does this not make you cry?  It definitely makes me just about cry or at least get chills.  Seriously, I just watched it again before I embedded it, and I know what's going to happen, and my eyes are all wet again.  Well-played commercial makers, well-played.

Hmm, well, I actually didn't intend this post to be entirely about the Olympics.  There is yet much randomness still floating around in my brain (and fun pictures to accompany said randomness!), but I'm afraid I've already gone on too long, and I'll have to save my trip to Baltimore and the adventures of Herbert the international spider for next time.  Oh well, I guess it's always nice to have something to look forward to, right?  ;-)
So, are you watching the Olympics?  What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch?  Is there an Olympic sport you're dying to see that NBC is choosing to forget even exists?


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the Olympics so much. I haven't had the TV on since May so I've missed the games and the commercials.

  2. I had to laugh that you mentioned the still rings. I actually had to Google it just to make sure that they still had it as an event for men's gymnastics. I know it may not be the most exciting thing to watch but as far as sheer physicality - that one is one of the toughest events in the Olympics. Hands down.

    I've been one of the crazy ones who have stayed up late to watch all of the Olympics coverage. Today was the first day where I actually shut off the TV, and the silence is so wonderful. It is great seeing these amazing athletes doing the near impossible, but it gets to be too much after a while.

  3. I haven't been reading much either last week. I don't think I've even finished a book.

    I haven't been watching the Olympics but there's still time. :-) Have a good week.

  4. Women's gymnastics and volleyball of any kind have been my family's favorites. We especially love Gabby Douglas. Every time she's on the t.v., our 3yo (who's bi-racial), says, "That's me!" Also, the double amputee sprinter -- talk about inspirational. Wow!

  5. Love the Olympics at my house! My kids have decided they want to be divers - they jump off furniture and say, "Splash!" My awesome Olympic find this time around was trampolining - seriously, it's a sport?!? And it looks like SOO much fun. Also I'm convinced that Misty May and Kerri Walsh and I would totally be BFFs in real life.