Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Standalong!

I'm excited!  I'm astonished!  I'm...insane?

That's right, I'm going to attempt a read-along.  When Trish announced that she was going to host a read-along of Stephen King's The Stand, I knew I had to give it a shot.  I'm always thinking I should do a read-along and always thinking I should read The Stand, so what better opportunity than this?  Of course, I'm over committed as usual, so I'll probably blow it, but darn it, I'm going to try.  There's nothing better than getting sucked into a massive Stephen King tome for the summer.  It reminds me of my younger days, when I had far more time to be sucked. 

Plus, the Standalong comes with a fun introductory meme.  Behold!

1. What makes you want to read The Stand?

Once upon a time in high school, I loved Stephen King.  Okay, I still love Stephen King, but I've wandered astray and not read a book of his in many many...years?  Years!  Okay, the answer to this question is about to wander astray, so let's bring it back.  I started reading The Stand one August when I was still in high school.  I was really enjoying it, but alas, the summer ended, I went back to school, and poor The Stand fell by the wayside only half-read.  It's time to pick it up again!

2. Describe your preconceived notions of The Stand.

What?  Other than the fact that it's huge?  And post-apocalyptic?  And should be something that I should totally love if I would just buckle down and open it?

3. What was the last scary(ish) book you read or movie you saw?

I have a strict no scary movie rule.  They're too...scary.  I literally cannot stand that moment when you know something terrifying is about to happen.  Watching Criminal Minds on TV is about as much as I can handle, and half the time I'm watching that from between fingers, too.  Scary books are a differnet story, love 'em!  That said, I haven't read a great scary book in a long time either, hence...Standalong!

4. Which version of the book will you be reading from?

The extra-big one of course.  The uncut zillion page one.  Go big or stay home, right? 

5. What are you previous experiences with Stephen King?

Insomnia, The Green Mile, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, 'Salem's Lot, Dreamcatcher, Misery.

And some don't forget good old Richard Bachman, too.  Can't forget Thinner and The Regulators, too.  I have such great memories of staying up late into the night reading because I just couldn't put them down.  Hope The Stand is the same way.  If so, this oughta be a breeze!

6. Anything else you'd like to add (bonus points for being extra random).

Come Stand with us!  Hold my feet to the fire, so I actually read it instead of wandering off to look at shiny things (or my hundred other commitments)!  Sign up here!

Are you a Stephen King fan?  Have you ever tackled The Stand? 


  1. I read this during my first summer in law school, while I was living in Portland and working for the Department of the Interior. It's still the only Stephen King that I've read, although I do plan to remedy that, eventually. Good luck! It's huge!

  2. I am a King fan though I haven't read many books by him. I don't mind scary movies but I can't watch Criminal Minds. I always get nightmares from it! Happy reading.

  3. Good luck! It's actually pretty good, and not really so scary. I will be enjoying all the Standalong posts, but not re-reading with you all. :)

  4. I'm with you. It's one of those books that I needed something to push me over the edge to read and this Standalong was exactly what I needed! Cannot wait to start this one!

  5. I have to laugh about how many of us don't watch scary movies! Though I have heard this isn't scary in the traditional sense. I'm so excited and hope that we all have a lot of fun.

  6. I hate scary movies as well!! I'm super excited to read this book as it has been on my TBR list for awhile now. I'm on chapter 3 and so far so good. How is it going for you?? Hope you enjoy!