Saturday, April 9, 2011

Read-a-thon Hour 9 Update

Reading Now: Sparrow Road by Sheila O'Connor

It's been __70__ pages and __78__ reading minutes since my last update.

Total Time Spent Reading: 4 hours 38 minutes

Cumulative Pages Read: 244

Books Completed: 1 - Blind Faith by Ellen Wittlinger

Eating?: String cheese and a glass of water

Still enjoying Sparrow Road, but it's time for my Readathon intermission. I paid for the Party Hearty Zumbathon weeks ago, and now must go and Zumba for a few hours. I guess it's a good thing that even though I'm not really reading for charity today, I'll at least be Zumba-ing for it! Here's hoping all the physical activities invigorate me, and I don't come home all broken down and feeble. I'd love to be able to fit a few more hours in tonight, though the full 24 probably won't happen.

It's been a little less easy to make the most of my reading time with other people in the house and having to get myself into gear for Zumba, but it's still way more reading and blog fun than I would normally have on a Saturday, for sure!

Happy reading all, and hopefully I'll see you later for more quality reading time!

Just keep reading, just keep reading..... =D


  1. Great update - have fun Zumba-ing!

  2. Two 'thons in one day! Have fun at the Zumbathon :)

  3. Hubby's family is in town so I fear that this evening will be tough. But glad you're making the most of the distractions!!

    String cheese? You put my ice cream to shame. ;)

  4. Megan, you seem to be doing well! I had too much going on this w/end to participate.

  5. Oh my, what better way to perk up for the second half of the readathon than some zumba?? Have fun!