Friday, September 24, 2010

A Dose of Random Randomness #5

We haven't had much randomness lately. It's time to remedy this. Plus, my week has seemed so awfully long that I'm afraid I'm not mentally competent enough to write, like, a book review or something. So....randomness!

- I'm having one of those weeks where you get books in the mail that you'd kind of written off as ones you weren't going to get. It's an odd feeling, a cross between that glee you feel at finding money you forgot you had in that oft unused compartment of your purse and abject panic ("Where will I put these? When will I read them?")

- I dislike lunch foods that cannot be eaten with one hand. How am I supposed to hold the book open while I eat??

- I'm not sure how I'll ever be a mother, I mean, should the opportunity arise. I'm the most awful sort of germaphobe. When the people in my household are sick, I A) disappear or B) loudly object to touching the buttons of the phone or the remote control or other shared objects. Yes, I know, I kind of irritate me, too.

- My town plays host to the biggest fair in my state this coming week. It's such a big deal around here that I used to get the week off of school for it. I miss that. If you can't find me this week, it's because I'm off gorging on deep friend foods, playing Bingo for prizes that nobody wants (the best of which might just be an hour of free Bingo!) and reveling in small town Americana. Or maybe I'm just going for the Dock Dogs. Or maybe I'm just going because I can watch Dock Dogs while eating funnel cake and french fries and ice cream and, oh, well you get the point.

- Good news! I've read a second book this month now. This means I won't have to retire to my bed in a state of abject book blogger humiliation. But, uh, I might choose to.

- I think that Shelf Awareness dedicated issue about Gallery Books single handedly is going to add many books to my wish list. As soon as I read it instead of shallowly looking at the cover photographs and mindlessly musing that, "Oh, that's pretty. That looks really good."

That's all my randomness. Got any randomness you'd like to share? Come on, it'll make you feeeeel good.... ;-)


  1. Yay randomness :D I love random posts!! My week has felt horribly long too! And I read a second book too! I totally think we're on the save wavelength right now >>

  2. I love your comment about the germs. So many people are like that, and I love seeing how they change with a baby. :D