Friday, September 17, 2010

BBAW: Future Treasures

Wow, I can't believe Book Blogger Appreciation Week is already drawing to a close. As usual, it's been a fantastic week full of crazed bloghopping, great discoveries of new to me blogs that will give my Google Reader another infusion of new life, and a chance to rekindle my excitement about books, book bloggers, and book blogging. As always a big thank you to Amy and her dedicated helpers who put so much work into making it all possible!

The last topic of the week is all about blogging goals.

This year has been full of blogging ups and downs for me. Leafing Through Life is rapidly coming up on its third birthday, and the book blogosphere has grown in leaps and bounds even since I started blogging. It's been incredible watching the book blogging community grow and watching book bloggers draw the attention of publishers and authors simply by doing what they do best - get excited about books. That said, I won't lie. It's been hard trying to keep pace with a rapidly evolving book blogosphere and trying to find my place within it. There have been times in the past year when I've thought that perhaps it had passed me by, and maybe I should hang up my book blogging hat, simply because I didn't and still don't have the time to be the blogger I want to be. Er...this is not very cheery. Hold on, I promise it gets better.

Then came BEA and then Book Blogger Con and then BBAW, and, even when I'm feeling the most down about my blogging or most slumpy about my reading, these kinds of things have a way of always getting me excited and reinvigorated. Meeting and building relationships with people who love books, learning about the latest in publishing, getting to share my love of books with people who actually appreciate it instead of scratching their heads and saying something to the effect of "Oh, I read stuff. I read an issue of Entertainment Weekly just last month!" - all things I love too much to miss even when I can't dedicate the time I'd like to it. It's also weeks like this week that remind me that what's so great about the book blogosphere is still what's so great about the blogosphere - the community. It's a pleasure to see book bloggers trying to get to as many posts as possible for them this week to leave comments and discover new blogs and make new friends. The book blogosphere is a community that's still warm and welcoming and doesn't want anyone to feel left out.

I don't intend to set a lot of goals. I don't like them. They make things seem hard and like work, and it's when I let it turn into a chore that I have to get done that I like blogging least. So there will be no hard and fast goals here, just some loosey goosey wishes and hopes for the future of me in the book blogosphere.

- First and foremost, I don't need another chore, and I don't want to make blogging and reading just another obligation I have to fulfill.

- Second, I want to be more consistent about posting, and if I can't always post as much as I'd like, I still want to be as consistent in replying to comments and/or paying return visits to commenters as possible. I want everybody who takes the time to comment here to know that I really do notice and appreciate them.

- Third, I want to be a better blog reader. I'm notorious for letting my Google reader get way out ahead of me and, without even realizing it, not commenting on even my most favorite blogs for weeks on end. I'd love to come up with a better method, so that I can be more regular about showing the bloggers I love I appreciate them by actually reading and commenting on their blogs more often!

- Finally, I want a banner. For the top of the blog. See it up there? It's so boring! Except for the After You'd Gone quote, still love that. I don't know if I'm going to try to resurrect my Paint Shop Pro skills or commission someone with more talent than myself, but if you visit me next year at this time, there'd better be something pretty or at least visually interesting there.

Hope you've had a great BBAW - I know I have. Thanks to everybody for making it a particularly fabulous week to be a book blogger! =)


  1. Perfect post! I'm having a hard time thinking of what to write today but your post actually sums up my feelings pretty much exactly! Glad to have you still here and not hanging up that hat! :)

  2. May you continue reading great books and blog about those for us!

    Here is my BBAW: Forgotten Treasures post!

  3. I hope you stick around Megan! I loved meeting you this year and I love hearing your thoughts even if they only come every once in awhile. And definitely stay on twitter because I love chatting withyou there. :D

  4. The beauty of a blog is that it's personal and I think we should all take the pressure off of ourselves and do what works the best for us and our lives. Good luck with your goals.

  5. I always feel like consistency is the best but most difficult thing to do. I wish I could be more consistent responding to comments, finding time to blot, but it doesn't always happen. Good luck with your goals!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that BBAW invigorated you, Megan! Not because I think there's anything wrong with the way you already blog--because there simply isn't! I'm not kidding when I say you're one of my favorite bloggers no matter how regularly or irregularly you post! But it makes me happy because it sounds like you were feeling down about the whole blogging thing, and that BBAW helped give you that lift you needed.

  7. I think many of us are in the same boat in terms of not having much time to read blogs. Just do the best you can, and make sure you're having fun.

  8. Your loosey goosey wishes sound good to me! I'm also going to try to keep on top of my Google Reader this year. I want to get around to everyone's blogs in a more timely fashion, and leave as many comments as I can. Comments make the blogosphere go 'round, after all. :)