Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5 - Excuse Me

Last week's Booking Through Thursday about "volume" gave me the idea for this one. I read quite a bit, but I used to read so much more...

Thirteen Excuses for Why I Don't Spend As Much Time Reading Books As I Should/Want To

1. TV (My parents are addicts, and they've sucked me into their evil web! EVIL!)

2. Magazines (My dad got this weird thing about his frequent flyer miles expiring and we used them to get roughly a zillion periodicals. One of my choices was The Economist - as poli sci major, it just makes my heart go thumpathump)

3. My Attention Span (Uh...what attention span?)

4. Blogs (I write in this one, I've got a growing list of ones I read, I have a growing list of ones I should visit so I could start reading them)

5. LibraryThing (Why read my own books when I can covet other peoples'?)

6. Pets (Obviously, my sole purpose in life is to feed the pets, play with the pets, let the pets outside, let them back inside, give them treats, make sure they aren't being bad, etc.)

7. Chores (You know the ones. The ones you have to do one day and the same the next day and the next day endlessly forevermore - laundry, dishes, yuck.)

8. Guilt (I'm sure there's something "productive" I should be doing. Or there's something that needs done rightnow before I forget!)

9. Employment (Not such a problem at the moment, but that whole earning a paycheck think sure takes a chunk of time out of the day.)

10. Bed (When I lay in it to read, which I often do, it lures me to sleep! Evil!)

11. Family (I love them, but when I pick up a book, they they emerge in force to talk about...well...usually nothing of consequence)

12. Shopping (Can't read, must go purchase more books!)

13. Book lust (I heart my book collection. I like to look at the books and touch the books and smell the books and contemplate reading another book than the one I'm reading or contemplate other peoples' books via their blogs and think of even more books I could/should buy that I can look at and enjoy but oddly not read...)

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  1. Some of those excuses trip me up, too -- especially the blogging and the TV watching!

    My TT is up, too. :)

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  3. You sound like my daughter. She does not like to read. lol

  4. Have a great Thursday! Nice list by the way! Please stop by my blog if you can!


  5. I can lay claim to some of those excuses myself!

  6. Ayup..Some of those things on your list get me too!
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  7. I'd rather read a book than watch tv but then, I can do that because we do not have TV in the house! :-)

  8. funny the "book lust." My husband is a definite sufferer; he orders books practically every day and then puts them on his book shelves and...he orders another book. He just loves being surrounded by them. He DOES read, but the book lust is something else (and thank the Lord he discovered second hand book stores through Amazon).

  9. My cats read #6 and wonder why I am not as well-trained as you are. They agree I should just put the books and magazines down and concentrate more on them.

    I'm lucky that I work in Chicago's Loop and commute to and from each day. That's when I read my books. A little over an hour each day. No offense to my fellow commuters, but I'd rather escape into a book than listen to their cellphone calls!

  10. My excuse is that I'm in the last year of a literature phd, and so I feel guilty if I read anything not connected with the thesis. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!

  11. If the parents are the problem, why not transfer to Pitt or CMU and come hang with us? Our TV's mostly on for hockey games. We read bunches.

    Plus, we could combine our book collections and REALLY have a lot to covet!

    Okay, realistically, I have some of these problems, too. That's why I'll be lucky to hit 100 books this year, down from 144 the past two. Ulp! Gotta fix that!

  12. I loooooove The Economist as well! I was an international relations major in college. Since it's about 100 pages/week, though, I basically consider it a book!

  13. Your excuses are better than mine, I'm just

  14. Thanks to all of you for stopping by. Glad I'm not alone in some of these excuses! =)

    The Gal, I used to live in Boston and had nice train commute there. It worked wonders for my reading, but sadly is no more!

    Susan, it's going to take me a while to pack up the books, but I'll be over before you know it and we can get right down to consolidating the book collections! ;-)

    Eva, A fellow Economist fiend! I nearly jump up and down with joy every week when it arrives in my mailbox only to be brough suddenly down to earth because I barely read any of last week's issue (because I was reading the issue from the week before - I know, it's a tangled web I weave, right?). I have a bizarre need to read it from cover to cover, and that takes quite a chunk of time since it's not paved with advertising the way most mags are!

  15. #13 rings so true for me! Okay, well, all of them do, actually. ;)

    Happy TT!

  16. Bed..tat's one of the worse..

  17. Hello my name is Holly and I am a reading addict... I don't understand those who don't like to read.


  18. Oh yeah, so many of those apply to me as well. TV, blog hopping (and working on my own), chores (especially baking this time of year), sometimes I think it's a miracle I get any reading done at all. *going to go read now* ;)

  19. Your list sounds a lot like what keeps me from reading more! And I abolutely love to read. I'm going to go read right now.