Sunday, March 23, 2014

Loose Leafing: Good Stuff Marches On

Happy Sunday, all!  I have to tell you, I'm always admiring it when people post those "good stuff" posts where they simply list all the good things that are going on their lives, but all too often, I fail to post my own.  This March was made for good stuff, and for once, I'm not letting the opportunity to post about it pass me by.  So here's just a sampling of all the good stuff happening this month:

~ Turning 30 (Wait, how did this get on the good things list??)

~ Birthdayaganza! (Defined: The unintentional celebration of one's birthday with the continuous eating of cake and other birthday goodies with a variety of friends and family all month long.)

~ Spending my actual birthday weekend with my good friend Lover-o (We talked books, saw The Lego Movie, ate delicious food at Reading Terminal Market before accidentally sneaking into the Philly Flower Show - it's okay, we bought the tickets in advance!  Plus, we had a "snow day" that involved homemade soup, a cake that looked like a huge whoopie pie, and only one inch of snow. Everything is awesome - just like the movie says! PS, thanks again, Lover-o!)

~ Successfully purchasing enough new clothes in one day of outlet shopping to wear to a new job where real person clothes are required.

~ Getting some sweet goodies from my former co-workers (and friends!) for my departure (Bonus points: the orchid is still alive after 2 weeks or so!)

~ Starting a new job. (Wearing real clothes pays!)

~ Picking up my 5 game season tickets for the AAA minor league Yankees team, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders  (There was a party with free food and team mascots wandering around.  Here's to getting people excited about baseball while there's still snow on the ground!)

~ Having a great dinner (Mmm filet mignon!) with great friends and a spur of the moment (mostly positive) psychic reading, too.  Not that I'm not a total skeptic about that kind of thing. 

~ Taking a very successful and entertaining trip to the King of Prussia mall with my mom, aunt, and cousin where we "only" had to wait 40 minutes for a table at the Cheesecake Factory (which my iPhone knows should be capitalized, LOL) and discovered what fun The Container Store is (it's more than just containers, everybody!).  Bonus?  Getting a Cinnabon from the service plaza on the Northeast Extension.  Yum!

~ Writing this entire post from bed on my iPhone.  (Because inspiration can die between bed and computer, and I couldn't let that happen, could I?)

There it is, just a sampling of the good stuff March has had to offer, a little something to perk us all up while we wait for the temperatures to match the season and the post time-change sniffles to be sent packing.  Next reviews?  Dare we hope?  Hmmm...

In the meantime, what's been happening good in your life?


  1. sounds like you have had a great month! Congrats on the new job (and on keeping the orchid alive - I am especially impressed by that!)

  2. March has been good to you! Happy Belated Birthday. When do you start your new job? Tomorrow?

    Good things that have been happening in my life: going on a job interview tomorrow, the nice shoes I bought for said interview, and getting a perfect score on my midterm. :-)

    Enjoy your week.

  3. Sounds like a great month! Happy birthday!

  4. Sounds like great things are happening to you this month! Enjoy it all. And Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a fun one :)

  5. I am glad your month has been so good to you! Happy birthday, by the way! I loved my thirties--and hope you will too!

    How exciting! I love going to minor league games! We used to have season tickets to one of the local teams, but let that go by the wayside. We haven't taken Mouse to a game yet, but I'd like to eventually. My problem is I like to watch the actual game and I know she won't care about that yet.

    Minus the illness, it's been a good month for me too. My daughter turned three, I won an award at work, and we got to go to Disneyland! Those are the big things, anyway. :-)