Sunday, July 22, 2012

Loose Leafing: Defunked

I'm never quite sure how to return from my random disappearances from blogging.  Do I carry on as if nothing out of the ordinary happened (?  Do I apologize?  Do I really owe anybody an apology?  I mean, even in my best weeks, I kind of doubt you're counting on me to be rocking your reader terribly often.  Should I apologize to myself?  "I'm sorry, self, I'm just terrible at being the blogger you want me to be."  Do I just zoom past the weird, awkward part, say "What can I say?  It's summer, and when I get home from my computer-y job, the sight of my laptop inspires an overwhelming sense of meh," and make you a list of utterly random things?  Okay, maybe that.  But, really, I'm sorry.  On the blogging front this summer, I am being less dependable than ever...  Maybe in my list of randomness, I'll dole out some blame....muahahaha! 

- A month ago, I attempted to, for a very long and arduous time, read a book that totally knocked me out of my reading and blogging groove.  I am still having a hard time forgiving that book that totally dumped me in a funk, especially since I thought it was going to be so good.  My reading numbers are soooo low this summer.  How long do you think I can keep blaming that book?

[Picture withheld to protect the "innocent."]

- I need a new chiropractor.  Now while he's "fixing" me, he's also screwing me up in ways I never even imagined possible.  But if you ever read this blog, you've probably heard more about my chiropractor and why I should break up with him than you ever even cared the slightest bit about, so I will dole out his portion of blame for my absence from all things bloggy and attempt to carry on.

- I have one of these. 

I am of the opinion that it was made for roasting over a campfire.  The opportunity has not yet presented itself, but it will, and I will roast my Peep-Ka-Bob, even at the risk of grievous bodily harm!

- Friends don't let friends go see Magic Mike.  Sure, I mean, the stripping's great and all, but there needed to be more of it and less striving after a plot.  Hmm, I never expected I would be the sort of person to complain that a movie had "too much plot and not enough stripping."  I didn't go into it expecting a cinematic masterpiece, but I also hoped to emerge without melted brain cells drizzling out my ears.  My friend and I were very disappointed that another supposed friend did not warn us that there was not enough stripping to make up for the actress with the one facial expression, male strippers having what are supposed to be vulnerable moments where they question their purpose and life plans, and all the talk of breakfast food (Breakfast food? Yes, breakfast food).  It's a movie about stripping, already, there's really no need to disguise it with sad attempts at, like, character development.   And so ends my review/public service announcement about Magic Mike.

- I am still (still!) reading this. 

I don't anticipate making the end of the month deadline for the Standalong, but I will finish it this time.  I will!

- However, I took an intermission to read this...

 ...and it was awesome. 

Fear not, more book related content will be popping up here this very week, including my raving review of the above mentioned awesome book. 

So, how's your reading going this summer? 


  1. A good friend of mine and my mother-in-law both warned me about Magic Mike. Maybe I'll watch it when it's on Netflix and skip over the acting and just watch the stripping.

    1. See, you've got good friends! ;-)

      The Netflix way is definitely the way to go.

  2. I AGREE about Magic Mike. The plot parts of the movie were boring, seriously needed to be more stripping in it, lol. AND it needed more Alcide (Big D... Richie, I believe his name was in the movie?), he was the one I was most looking forward to and he was hardly in it!

    1. Sooo boring. It was only like 10 minutes in before I was like, this is lame, where is the stripping??

      The friend that I went with was bumming that there wasn't more Alcide, too.

  3. Oh, Megan, you make me laugh! Will you hate me forever if I say that your random posts are more entertaining than your book reviews? I love it when you post ANYTHING, so keep it up, lady.

    I really liked NO BIKE RIDING ... mostly because I have an adopted, bi-racial child, so I totally understood a lot of what the author experienced. Glad you enjoyed the book!

    1. Careful now, you keep saying things like this, I might give up book reviewing altogether in favor of spewing forth my twisted, random thoughts all over the internet. ;-) Seriously, though, thanks. I like to let myself be random once in a while, and I'm glad you enjoy it!

  4. There's not enough stripping in Magic Mike?! I'll wait for it to come out on DVD then! Your chiropractor sounds like a nightmare!I hope you find a great one soon.