Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday (Un)Salon: Bloggy McSlacker

This is the post where I warn you that I'll probably be indulging my inner (outer?) flaky, inconsistent blogger even more than usual for, well, probably the next month and some. I'm recovering from one of those weeks that I knew was going to be busy and was which was rapidly followed by one of those busy weeks that catches you totally by surprise. Which then segues into...Thanksgiving week? Thanksgiving already? Once I realized that, it dawned on me that my last non-busy week for the year had probably gone by without my even noticing.

The good news is, I'm still managing to read books at my same slow but steady pace resulting in my already reading the book that will make official my surpassing of last year's reading totals, which I am quite thrilled about last year's reading totals having been horribly (horribly!!) dismal. The bad news is that the time and energy for review writing has been considerably lacking and I've grown very behind again. I'm hoping that this week will offer up an opportunity or two to pick up the pieces, what with all the TV shows mostly going to reruns, but I promise nothing, given that the desire to sit down at the computer for any length of time after sitting at one all day is often absent. Plus, with the coming holiday, I'm sure this week is going to be busier than I'm expecting in my current optimistic view. Then come Christmas trees and shopping and assorted other holiday activities that will keep me (and you, too, I imagine) from having any of those delicious weekends where I can park myself in front of the laptop and churn out a few reviews at a time.

Now since I've regaled you with all my guilty excuses, how about the news in books? Last weekend I finished Gayle Forman's If I Stay, which, I was warned, would make me cry... a lot. I did cry, but not as much as I was expecting. I think all the warnings had me steeling myself a little for it, so my hardened heart wouldn't let me cry more than a time or two, thought I can see how there would have been many more opportunities for weeping had I not thus prepared myself. This week I'm reading, and hopefully finishing, Starting From Scratch by Susan Gilbert-Collins. I found it a little rough going at first, but it grew on me. I'm enjoying it, but I have the sense that it's only scratching the surface of things that could easily go much deeper. I feel like I end up saying that about a lot of the "family drama" set of books. I often think that maybe I should stop requesting or agreeing to review books that fall into that sort of niche, but then, when it's done well, I have the potential to like them so much.

In other news, my effort to stem the tide of incoming books is failing with flying colors. I'm not really buying books for myself (though I'm sure I'll be buying them as gifts!), but I haven't been able to resist requesting a few. Plus, now, of all times, I've gotten a few unsolicited copies to add to the burgeoning TBR pile. I've got it in my head now that I desperately need to finish off my backlog of LibraryThing Early Reviewer books that are none too early anymore, but that I am nonetheless obligated to read and review. I keep thinking that maybe if I get those done, everything won't seem so overwhelming. But who am I kidding?

This afternoon, I'm excited to be going to see the new Harry Potter movie. Have you seen it yet? Is it good?

What are you up to this weekend? Are the upcoming holidays getting you frazzled yet? ;-)


  1. I've stopped taking review copies, and I never even took that many!

    I hope you like Harry Potter. :D

  2. These are two busy months for me too, so I completely understand! Have fun watching HP!

  3. Take it easy on yourself! We're not having a contest to see who can read the most books. It's not about quantity, but about the pleasure you get from the books you read.

  4. Congrats on finishing more books than last year - what matters is that you are reading and enjoying what you read - the rest is secondary and will take care of itself eventually!

    If it is any comfort, I have 3 LT books to read/review . . . not looking promising for year end! :)

  5. I can relate to your review copy blues Megan...LOL (I will never read them all, nor would I want too (at least some of them, I never asked for).

    Hope you can relax over the holiday, and we will be here for you whenever you post.

  6. It is indeed a busy time of year, isn't it? At least on the home front. Things at work should start slowing down some for me, offering a nice balance.

    We aren't decorating for the holidays this year since the idea of unpacking any boxes when we're trying to pack up the house just seems wrong. I'll take joy in seeing everyone else's holiday spirit, I think.

    I know how you feel about review writing. I seem to be avoiding the computer more often than not these days, although lately I can't use the excuse that I'm reading instead as that seems to have slowed down as well.

    I'm no longer accepting books for review, trying desperately to catch up with the ones I have while I still can (before the baby comes). I know I won't come close at the rate I read, but I'm making an effort. Like you, I'm still receiving unsolicited books. Those I am not counting as must reads though--I'm either giving them away or setting them in my huge TBR collection for later.

    Enjoy the new Harry Potter movie! We hope to see it Thanksgiving Day. Take care, Megan, and enjoy the rest of the week! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Enjoy Harry Potter! I saw it yesterday evening and it was so, so tense. Bring someone to cling onto. And some tissue. I was so keyed up from all the tense, tense scenes that my hands were shaking when I was walking out. It got bleak. No Hogwarts = sadness.

  8. Amanda - I wish I could, but the ones I'm convinced I'll just buy for myself later, I can't seem to stop requesting! Harry Potter was great, but, um, is it July yet? ;-)

    Trisha - Glad you're sailing in the same boat as me. At least I'm in good company! =)

    Kathy - When you've got as big of a TBR pile as I've got these days, it is about quantity. LOL! ;-) That said, I really have been trying to focus on enjoying each individual book this year, and even gave up reading more than one book at a time, which really helped with the enjoyment factor! The slightly bigger reading total is just a side benefit. =)

    Colleen - I have, um, a good deal more ER books left than you do. *guiltily contemplates feet* I think the algorithm was too good to me for too long and now I'm feeling the pain! Thanks for trying, though! ;-)

    Diane - The review copies...they're just so shiny and new and tantalizing *cough*andfree*cough*. My eyes are always bigger than my available time for reading!

    Wendy - I can definitely see why you wouldn't want to go to the trouble of decorating. I hope there's more than enough holiday spirit and decorations around to fill the gap for you! It's so exciting to be having a baby, but I imagine it does make for an urgency to your reading. Who knows how much time you'll have for books once you're adjusting to having a little one around! Good luck fitting in some extra reading now, and I agree that unsolicited ones shouldn't count. ;-)

    Jenny - Bleak it most definitely was, but excellent also. I went with my 10 year old cousin, and unfortunately he frowns upon excessive clinging. ;-) I got choked up a few times but didn't really cry, possibly again because of the presence of aforementioned cousin. I have a feeling no one will stop me crying at the 2nd part when it comes out, though!