Monday, January 26, 2009

A (not bookish) Funny!

Tonight I have for you - an illustration of me - IN REAL LIFE! Point, laugh, and be merry!

So (my friends always said the funniest stories started with "so"), my 10-year-old cousin got Guitar Hero World Tour for Christmas. I tried it once and quickly became addicted. Now, I take every chance I get to go over and play with his toys rock with him and my aunt and uncle, on occasion, too. We're not very good, but we have a great time. So, tonight after they provided me with a scrumptious (and authentic!) Mexican dinner, my cousin and I set off for the playroom to have a round of Guitar Hero. As we were playing, my aunt decided she would go visit my grandparents - behold this dialogue and see if you notice anything odd.

Aunt: I'll be back in a little. I'm going to see Gram and Pap.
Cousin: You're leaving us here by ourselves?!?!?
Aunt: Well, your dad's here!
Aunt: And you know, Megan's a grown up!
Me: Surprise!

Guess my secret's out, though I am, apparently, "too fun to be a grown up." Being a grown-up is way over-rated anyway, no?


  1. Oh my, that's funny.

    But, speaking as an aunt of two very grown up nieces...

    I sometimes forget they are grown up. Wishful thinking? Maybe.


  2. LOL...we do forget that we're grown up sometimes, don't we? Especially when playing Guitar Hero! I freaking love that game :p

  3. > (my friends always said the funniest stories started with "so")

    I always thought the best stories started with, "You see, I have this friend..."

    This is still a great story. Being a grown-up is overrated.

  4. "Too fun to be a grown-up" ... that would look great on a t-shirt!

  5. That is a funny story. :-) My husband loves Rock Band. When his brother was visiting, the two stayed up all night playing.

  6. CJ - I think everybody could use an aunt that forgets that they're grown up on occasion. It lets us grown-up nieces be kids again for a little! =D BTW - if you're actually reading this - thanks for the award, I'll be by to collect and spread the appreciation sometime in the nearish future!

    Chris - I love it, too! A little too much! I mean, I think about it often when I'm not playing... I hear songs on the radio and think "oh, I wish I could play this on Guitar Hero!" LOL!

    Lisa - Though I'm a big fan of the "So," there are definitely some good stories that follow that one, too!

    Dawn - That *would* make a good t-shirt! Let's go in on it together and make buckets of money so I can give up my job and read full time, mmmmkay? ;-)

    LF - The time just flies by when you're playing these games! I can totally imagine staying up half the night playing Guitar Hero. Actually, I spent an unintentionally long time playing the second time I went to play with my cousin. I went at 3 in the afternoon and before I knew it, I looked at the clock and it was *8* at night! Crazy!

  7. Megan -

    Yes, I actually read comments on my comments the 'nearish future' is plenty good enough for me.


  8. I think that's fabulous! Stay "a kid" as long as you can.