Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dewey's Books Challenge

Despite my dismal failure at nearly every challenge I try, I'm going to have to give Dewey's Books Challenge a try, if only to try and honor her memory through reading. I'm sure you've all heard about this one by now, so I won't go on about the details - that's what the link's for! Anyhow, I'm going with option number 2 which is to choose and read 5 books that Dewey reviewed on her blog. Because I'm determined to succeed, I'm trying to make my list as easy as possible for me to accomplish, including mostly books that I already intend to read in 2009 and perhaps, uh, one that I've read already. Here's my list, which is, of course, subject to change upon my whims.

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Thanks to Chris and Robin for hosting!


  1. We're so glad you are joining us for this challenge, Megan. That's a great list you've chosen. I loved Stardust when I read was my first Neil Gaiman.

  2. I'm delurking again to tell you thank you for joining the challenge!! I stop by here every day by the way...I'm just horrible at commenting :p I LOVE your list of books!

  3. I loved Stardust and The Road. I'm going to read How I Live Now too, and thanks for reminding of Life as We Knew It!

  4. I may join this challenge too. It would be a great way to remember Dewey, not to mention many of the books she's read and reviewed are books I want to read anyway.