Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekly Geeks #22 - Archiving

All right, all right. I know I teased everybody about my stay in the book blogger leper colony (okay, it took me more than three tries to spell colony - argh), but I'm afraid you'll have to wait just a few days more because despite being "demoted" at work, I've managed to fill up this whole week with a ridiculous amount of extracurriculars that have kept me away from the computer. I am also alternating between mild depression about the state of my life and, um, going about seeming completely unhinged. This is an unhinged night. Maybe not the best time to be writing a book review? It would either be really depressing or slightly insane, no?

I am, however, going to explore the archives of some Weekly Geeks as per Dewey's challenge for this week. Because, really, we all know how I need some more blogs in my feed reader that I desperately want to read but probably ultimately won't (or will very sporadically) what with my great dependability when it comes to bloghopping. But hey, this was fun anyway. It's always fun to get out and see who's new or uh, new to you.

Right, so Dewey asked us to journey out into the blogosphere, pick three Weekly Geeks, and comb through their archives in search of a post to spotlight. I tried to pick three that were pretty new to me, you know, so I could further burden my feed reader. So here it goes.

First, I paid a visit to Ali over at Worducopia. Onto my feed reader she has gone, which is pretty good, because I'm trying to be discriminating. Just like I am with free books. And free food. Maybe I should stop talking now. Anyhow, I enjoyed her post about what makes a memoir worth reading, especially given my unusual penchant for memoirs this year. Also, the post about the somewhat serendipitous discovery of a kids' author event at her local book store complete with free chocolate milk of all things, is pretty entertaining, too.

Up next is Joanne over at Book Zombie who ended up in my Google Reader not too awful long ago. Now, first of all, who doesn't love the name "Book Zombie"? (Disclaimer: The following comments are the loony observations of the author and the author only. They are not intended to reflect on Book Zombie and are merely the insane ramblings of yours truly). I equate book zombie-ness (or is it zombie-dom?) with how I feel after I've been luxuriating with a book all day and I finally put it down to do other things. I always feel a tad out there and otherwordly for awhile and a little like I walk around with arms outstretched, grunting creepily (say - I think I saw some book zombies at the end of the Read-a-thon, now that I think about it). I kind of enjoy being a book zombie but can see how it might frighten other people. And again, someone please stop me - I've gone on too long. I don't think this exercise was intended as an exercise in "stream of consciousness" writing, and yet, it is. Joanne's blog is pretty and she writes some very spiffy reviews like, for example, this one or, maybe, that one.

Then I bumbled on over to see Shelf Elf where I could indulge a bit in my thing for YA fiction of which she reviews much. I have to be honest, first I got distracted (because what am I if not distractable? Is that a word?) by the post with the link to the Peanuts Character Test because I was watching the Great Pumpkin Halloween special the other night. I was Sally - in case you were wondering. Then I got distracted and clicked over to the free rice vocab game thing where I screwed up the answer for "auspicious" not once but twice. 700 grains of rice later I returned to the task at hand. There's some sentiments about ARCs I can sure appreciate, and how about those microwavable bunny slippers?

Okay, well, that's done. Wanna read some other Weekly Geeks who are doing this? Ones who are perhaps feeling a little bit less unhinged than I am tonight?


Callista and Suey get brownie points because they "did" me. Hi, ladies, thanks for stopping by!

And, if you're uh, tired of me (No! It can't be!), you could go visit Rachel and Jessica for some totally Leafing Through Life-free bloghopping.

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  1. Hello and thanks for writing up Worducopia! I would say more but my eyes are closing as I type and I fear the level of typo-city (or is that typoness?) would scare people away.