Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

So, it's spring. Of course, it's ridiculously cold outside and doesn't seem very springy at all, but I did brave the crowds of irritating youths to get some free Rita's Italian Ice, so spring must really be here. Spring generally means everything gets to start anew and afresh, right? Well, it's recently come to my attention that the enormous pile of waiting to be read books on my nightstand is simply out of control and I would desperately like to finish them and start a new and a fresh pile, hence the joining of....

The Spring Reading Thing is hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days and encourages us to set our own goals for books to be read between now and June 19th. I liked the nice loose parameters and welcome the incentive to tackle the dreaded "nightstand pile of doom" even though my langorous reading speed of late might make this list a bit too ambitious...even though it's not all that ambitious to the average reader (or maybe I should say "average book blogger"?). Nonetheless, I will cease my advance excuse making now and get on with the list!

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott
How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
Uglies by Scott Westerfield
The Beet Queen by Louise Erdrich
The Widows of Eden by George Shaffner
Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen
Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn by Sarah Miller
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

and, this is unoffical, but if I am seized by a vast increase in reading speed, I'll include Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth here as my "bonus" book, as in, I'd be perfectly happy if I got all those other ones read, but if I get those read plus this daunting chunkster, I'd be truly ecstactic and deserve a great pat on the back.

There's the list. Reviews will be linked to this post as I finish the books. So let the reading (and uh...spring too, please) begin!


  1. Start with Speak. I just read it recently and you will fly through it. Excellent read.

  2. I completely forgot to go to Rita's today! I'm such a lunk!

    Have fun with the reading challenge. I did it last year but am too busy right now trying to find Trevor a publisher to commit to anything. Yes, even one book. See above and that comment about being a lunk...

  3. You have a great list. I see a lot of people are reading Three Cups of Tea. Have fun reading :-)

  4. Didn't recognize one title, so I have LOTS to look forward to from your reviews:-)

    Happy Reading!

  5. I'm with Deena -- these are all new to me. Though I have seen Three Cups of Tea on several lists, and it looks very interesting. Thanks for being part of SRT '08!

  6. I've been wanting to read A Great and Terrible Beauty...I look forward to your review!

  7. I have a couple of those in my endless piles, too (Uglies and Fever 1793). Can't wait to read all your reviews! And I'd say you'd deserve more than a big ol' pat on the back if you finish...maybe something like, oh, maybe a new book... ;)

  8. Thanks for the rec, raidergirl. I actually saw that Becky's recently formed reading group is reading/discussing this at the beginning of next month, so I might jump on board with that. I've read the first few pages and it definitely shows a lot of promise!

    Susan, I nearly lunked out on Rita's, too. I thought about going 3 times...forgot 3 times then remembered just as I was about to pass it on my home from work. It was a lucky break, really. Here's hoping to see Trevor in print soon!

    Lindsay and Deena, thanks for stopping by! I hope that most of these reads are good and you'll stop back to good reviews. ;-) In the meantime, I'll have to drop by your blogs and see what you're reading! =)

    Katrina, thanks for hosting! It's a great motivator and the picture's so preeettty! =)

    Amy, that one's been on my wish list for a long time, so now that I've finally got a copy, I'm sure looking forward to reading it! Thanks for stopping by!

    Debi, hah! Another book! Just what I need! At this point, I can't seem to fend them off with a stick. Pretty soon I'll be reading to escape from the pile of books that has engulfed me. But summer library book sale season is fast approaching, so I better get out my reading A game that has been sadly non-existent thus far this year...