Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jumping the Scratch by Sarah Weeks

After his father takes off with a mini-mart clerk and his Aunt Sapphy suffers a head injury in a cherry factory accident, 5th-grader Jamie Reardon finds himself living in a trailer at the not-so-wondrous Wondrous Acres. As the new kid at school, Jamie only wishes to be invisible, but a bully, his teacher Miss Miller who doesn't even realize his name isn't short for James, and the odd and prying Audrey Krouch simply won't let him disappear. Even as he tries to help his aunt regain her short-term memory, Jamie only wishes to forget his own terrible secret. As it happens, his disabled aunt and Audrey are the ones that can ultimately help Jamie face his fears.

Jumping the Scratch is a charming and quick read for younger readers. Jamie is a lovable character who I'm sure most kids, and humans in general, could relate to as he struggles with how to respond to a bully's taunts, how to fit in at a new school, and how to deal with a teacher who always seems to be picking on him. This a great story about kindness that isn't always so common and learning to open up and trust others to know and help us with our problems.


  1. In a cherry factory accident?

    Well, that certainly caught my attention. Thanks for the review. I like YA books and I'll have to see if I can find this one.


  2. LOL... hmmm.. the cherry factory accident doesn't seem so odd when in the context of the book, but it does sound kind of funny without the rest of the book. It's a sweet book, definitely check it out!

  3. my children loved it

  4. A good, gentle story to read to the kids when explaning tough topics like creepy people and rape. I thought it was very heartwarming. Must read!

  5. Never heard of this one but it sounds really good and interesting. :)