Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Readathon and Randomness

So, I guess all the plates I was juggling finally dropped and smashed. We all knew I couldn't maintain this guise of the consistent blogger forever, right? I'm that person who has the best of intentions to write one of those "be back soon" messages when I go on short vacations because I'm not the sort of person who has a nice backlog of schedule-able posts to regale you with while I'm driving about the nation. Unfortunately, I'm also the sort of person with a job and a penchant for leaving everything until the last minute and trying to frantically pack and prepare while still fitting in that musical episode of Grey's Anatomy. And the person who throws their wrist totally out of whack playing Wii table tennis causing an unexpected moratorium on extra-curricular typing.

So yeah, went on a wildly dysfunctional long weekend to DC with my family. Am back, having reflected (darkly) on the mud pit of the currently under renovation reflecting pool. The weekend was riddled with kicks in the head such as the hop on hop off bus tour that picked up at the wrong spot and never actually delivered you to the places where cherry blossoms were to be seen like it said it would, freak hail storms, and the above mentioned Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool mud pit. In moments of weakness, I was brought to texting and tweeting angry messages from the Lincoln Memorial steps like a sulky teenager, even though it's usually one of my favorite places. Nonetheless, my vacation for better or for worse has come to an uneventful end. My wrist has healed sufficiently that the sight of a computer keyboard doesn't give me the shakes anymore. That can only mean one thing. It's time to get back up on my blogging horse.

Luckily, while I have been crap at blogging, I've been fairly successful at reading fairly good books, so there will be reviews once I organize the massive pit of untamed reading material currently vomited all over my desk. In the meantime, you may have heard of this little thing called the 24 Hour Readathon that's coming up this Saturday. It's been a long time since I've even been home for a Readathon making it difficult to participate in the event I have such a soft spot for, so I figured I better not let the opportunity pass me by, and I finally signed up. I am A) not making a plan B) not buying special snacks, C) taking a mid-Readathon intermission for a Zumbathon (it's a day of "athons." What can I say?) after which I may or may not continue to read depending on the way the wind is blowing. I will however be reading and blogging and hopefully having tons of fun out and about in the blogosphere with the time I do have.

Hopefully my wrist holds up and I can get organized and back on track with some haste. I'll see ya during the Readathon, if not before. You are signed up, aren't you? ;-)


  1. Wow--bummer of a trip to DC! I've never been before.

    But...YAY readathon!! The buzz has been so low this year that I've wondered if anyone is even participating! I'm glad to see you are. The zumbathon sounds pretty good as well. Can't wait until I have the energy to do such things again!

  2. Ugh, sounds like not the best trip ever. That's too bad!

    I rarely, if ever, have posts scheduled in advance. It's a way of blogging I aspire too, but don't always achieve :) So when I'm gone, I just am gone and it's all ok.

    I oddly loved the musical episode of Grey's! It was weird and out of place but I got sucked into it. What did you think?

    Also, yay read-a-thon! I'm going to be doing it for most of the day, I hope. Things always seem to come up, but I think I've got this Saturday all blocked off.

  3. At least you've got some good stories from your trip!

  4. The Reflecting Pool is a mud pit? That totally sucks!

    Good for you for doing the readathon. I thought about it but couldn't talk myself into it. I've got too much to do this weekend.

    I'll check up on you, however!


  5. Trish - The buzz *has* been really low, hasn't it? I only barely know that it's happening, but it looks like a lot of people are going to participate from the sign-up list!

    Kim - The musical Grey's Anatomy was a little weird but not bad. I actually really loved the end when she was singing "The Story." Pretty powerful!

    Kathy - Yeah...definitely some stories....

    CJ - Definitely sucked. When you're already having a mediocre time and heading for the Lincoln Memorial for a boost, when you turn around and see a mud pit and construction equipment, it definitely feels like a kick in the head!