Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Dose of Random Randomness #3

- This is what I do when I should be writing book reviews or at least typing book reviews. You realize that, right?

- Have you guys read David Sedaris's piece in the August 9th issue of the New Yorker? (If you haven't and you're a subscriber you should.) It seems especially timely given the recent incident with the flight attendant who'd had enough. It's hilarious and intelligent and true in a way I would never have thought of myself. I should probably really read this guy's books. Also, if I'm not careful people are going to starting thinking I actually read my New Yorker issues instead of letting them pile up in dusty corners....

- I think last night was the first time in a long time that I stayed up well past midnight to finish a book I couldn't put down. Neal Shusterman's Full Tilt, if you were wondering.

- That last item results in my now being "officially" 2 months ahead of my reading pace from last year. I know that seems really good, but you should probably not congratulate me yet because last year I set the reading quantity bar so low that it's possible I could have morphed into a drooling idiot at the beginning of this year and still surpassed it. Okay, yes, fine, I am sort of proud of myself. Sort of. You can congratulate me if you want to. ;-)

- In in an effort to break out of my book reviewing funk, I tried handwriting them. It worked because I churned out 3 half-decent but in need of polishing reviews in, like, an hour. It didn't work because I've, uh, only managed to type one up and now am behind three reviews again already but actually more than three reviews if you count the ones I haven't typed yet. Heh.

- I need a task master. Self-motivating from home is definitely not my thing. This is why I need a "real" job with a boss that's not myself.

- Am I the only one that often feels like doing things like showering and making the bed are a waste of time? I still do the one, but I totally gave up on the other a long time ago. And no I didn't stop showering. Come on now, don't be ridiculous........


  1. There are lots of things that I feel are a complete waste of time, but I keep doing them anyway. Such is life.

  2. I love that feeling of staying up late to finish a book! Lately I've been waking up early to start reading though. Also, in my opinion reading funks are far worse than review writing funks, so relax and enjoy good books!

  3. LOL At least you are blogging. I, on the other hand, can't even manage that most days anymore. :-)

    I liked what I read of the abstract of Sedaris' article, at least. I haven't read any of his books either, but I'm always tempted to. One of these days . . .

    I'm fortunate that I'm the first one out of bed in the mornings so my husband is the lucky one who gets to make the bed. He's so fastidious about having a neatly made bed too--he should be glad I don't have to do it.

    I hope you have a great week, Megan!

  4. I love this post and thought it was great that you posted the Sedaris article. I agree some things are a waste of time, but we just do them anyways: picking up fur balls from our cats, cleaning off the clutter on the dining room table, only to have the hub pile his stuff there again...and the list goes on.

    Have a great week Megan and don't make the bed.

  5. Kathy - Such a shame that such is life. How are we supposed to enjoy it if we're swimming in a river of redundant tasks? Dishes, cleaning, bed making, showering, you name it. I consider it a small *victory* that I don't make my bed, even if it's just a few minutes for something more worthwile! ;-)

    Carrie - I love that feeling, too. It doesn't happen too often, though. Reminds me of being a kid during the summer and having no qualms about staying up as long as my book wanted me to. I've kinda switched to reading more in the morning, too. It's nice to read when I'm fresh and awake and the distractions of the day haven't come to call yet.

    Wendy - Yeah, me neither most days. I can usually muster up a good chunk of time to feel guilty about how I'm *not* blogging though. Ironic, no? Good for you that you've got the husband making the bed - mine's a wreck but I refuse to spend the time making it just so I can unmake it again! LOL

    Diane - I promise I won't even think of making the bed, and you have a good week, too! =D

  6. I NEVER make the bed. What's the point? The only people who ever see it are myself and my husband, and that's usually when we're getting back IN it for the night. Plus, he's usually still asleep when I leave for work, so I don't really have a chance. But I gave up making it WAAAY before that.