Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Dose of Random Randomness #2

- I finished two books in the the two first days of August, and on the third day I dropped the ball only finishing a few chapters of a new book. Typical. ;-P

- The disadvantage to reading at such a pace is that I just got halfway caught up on reviews, and now I'm as behind as ever.

- After almost three years of book blogging, I've finally compiled an index of all the books I've reviewed on Leafing Through Life, organized by author. I didn't check the links. They could all not work, and I'd never know. Look for the one organized by title in about three years. In the meantime, if you want some free linkage, check it out and let me know if you've reviewed any of the books I have, and I'll link your review from mine. This, I might also complete within the next three years.

- In the completion of said project I realized A) my inner completist resents that there are letters without reviews beneath them and B) I'm only 5 reviews away from my 100th. It seems like that should be cause for some sort of celebration, but I have no idea of what sort.

- Cannoli from Mike's in Boston's North End are, I'm pretty sure, reason enough to move back there. That and the Goodwill store in Davis Square that has more cheap books than most used book stores. They put our Goodwill store to shame.

- Reading historical fiction about Ireland always makes me wonder when and how and where my Irish ancestors ended up here. Unfortunately, I'm far too lazy and preoccupied with other things to actually go about finding out. Man, I'd never make it here from Ireland.

- Reading historical fiction about the Irish potato famine also reminds me of the statues of starving Irish immigrants near one of the places I used to work. Not only is it it a bit bizarre to have statues of such things, despite the historical significance, it is even more bizarre the amount of smiling tourists posing for pictures with them.

- This is all not nearly random enough, so I feel a crushing need to tell you now that I once bought a plastic tarantula at a toy store in London for the equivalent of 12 dollars just to prank my best friend's boyfriend. It scared the hell out of him. I still have the spider. His name is Herbert. What's scary about that?


  1. Making that list of reviews is a lot of work - that's why I've never tackled it.

  2. Congrats on the reviews index! I know it's a pain to do it. But like you, I've found that looking at the list makes me happy and full of accomplished feelings. (Know I can't remember if I have missing letters or not, a few I think.)

    I also wondering the same thing about my ancestors, who mostly came from England. I was there a few years ago and loved it so much that I can't imagine ever having to leave.

    Love the Randomness!

  3. When I made my reviews index, I became obsessed w/ getting at least one book for each letter too! lol

  4. !!!! I live in Boston (well, Jamaica Plain) and the Davis Square Goodwill has always been one of my favorite places to buy books! I love that smelly book basement so hard. Glad you got to experience it!!

  5. Kathy - It's definitely a hassle to do it, but it's so nice having it done. =D

    Suey - It does make me feel so happy and accomplished to look at, so I guess even if that's all the good it ever does anybody, that's good enough! Glad you're loving the randomness, I'm enjoying it quite a bit myself and wonder if I might start doing it semi-regularly...

    Eva - I know I've got a "J" if I would get around to writing the review already, but that still leaves 5 letters.... (I,Q,X,Y, and Z!)

    Cass - When I lived up there, most of my books were still at home, I was working for minimum wage, and I couldn't spare an extra penny for anything. My grandparents sent me a check for, like, $25 or something, and I just happened to wander into the Davis Square Goodwill after cashing it not knowing what temptation lurked therein. That $25 bought a lot of books proving, in fact, that even when there's no money, there's money for books and that the Davis Square Goodwill is beyond awesome! Glad somebody else understands my love and great memories of it! ;-)

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