Saturday, October 6, 2007

To Start With...

So I've been reading lots of blogs lately and wondering if maybe I should have one. I read a lot and I used to like to write a lot. I miss writing, so I guess I thought it would be fun to start writing a bit again in the guise of this blog. I'd like to do book reviews of what I'm reading, but more likely I'll lapse into complaining about the mundanity of my life and unloading the burdens of my mind. And my life has returned to being very mundane. But whenever it's been "interesting" I've been truly I'm getting back to the painfully ordinary. Maybe later, if anybody's reading this, you'll get to hear more about me, but this is all you get for now...and depending on the level of my committment to this endeavor, there could be more to come.......


  1. Yes, you should blog. Blogging's fun, it's addictive, and you never know who'll show up and drop by!

  2. You're off to a good start. I look forward to more of your book reviews. :D