Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

This list is brought to you by my complete and utter lack of creativity. You're lucky, I almost posted a list of my rejected Thursday Thirteen ideas.

Thirteen Things in my room that are important to me

1. A picture of my best friend and I acting like fools on the London Eye. I went to visit her while she was studying abroad in our junior year of college. We spent a good portion of the time on the Eye thinking of what ridiculous thing we would do when it came time for the picture. We determined to put our hands up and act like we were on the downhill of a roller coaster. Behind us in the photo is a really dour, disappoving looking couple that makes the shot that much more priceless.

2. A picture of my cousin Isaac. He's eight. He still thinks I'm "cool." Gotta treasure these moments.

3. My cell phone. Okay. I know this sounds shallow, but before I started moving all over the country I got one of those Verizon Chocolate phones - a red one. Not only does it make me feel super has around 120 songs loaded onto it (which came in handy for riding the T in Boston), takes great pictures (it houses the Boston photo documentary - for all those pictures you want to take when you don't feel like carrying a camera around), and I spent about a zillion hours talking to my family on it during all my travels.

4. My computer. Well, this should be obvious. I blog. I BookCross. I keep in touch with lots of friends on Facebook. I apply for jobs (one of which I am greatly in need of). Yeah, I'm lost without this thing.

5. Books! This is another shocker, I'm sure. Seeing as the shelves are in other rooms, only three are in here right now. My last read (The Thief Lord), my current read (Snow Falling on Cedars), and a read I'm considering for after that (Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog). Wherever I go, books aren't far behind.

6. A Ziggy comic I cut out of the Sunday comics. Most of the frames picture Ziggy racing toward the future. The last shows a picture pointing back toward the present and says "If you spend all of your time racing ahead to the future, you're liable to discover you've left a great present behind." It's something I need to be reminded of constantly.

7. My CD collection. It's grown quite expansive, and I find that unless I'm reading I have a hard time sitting in my room without playing some music. It's got all sorts of stuff - rock, pop, country, worship music, Gaelic music, instrumental movie name it.

8. Feather Boa. I spent my four years of college in the same work study job in the Office of Annual Giving and really loved the people I was working for. They were very fun and easy going and hard working all at the same time. For a long time we had a pink and white feather boa of indeterminate origins hanging about the office. I once asked my boss if I could borrow the "office feather boa" for an event I was attending, which is kind of funny in and of itself. At the end of my time there, they gave it to me as a parting gift.

9. Stuffed Bear. Okay. Yes. I'm a "grown-up." I just moved back in with my parents. I still sleep with a stuffed bear. He's comfy. Wanna make something of it?

10. A Picture of my two favorite college roommates and I at a lacrosse game. They're still among my best friends, and I've never put so much effort into staying in touch. Our wacky lacrosse playing neighbors brought us all a little bit closer together sophomore year, and I don't know what I'd do without my two best friends now!

11. The Gettysburg Alumni calendar. I have little hope of ever loving my life as much as I did in college. Too bad I didn't realize quite how much I loved it then. *sigh*

12. Wood carvings of a toy soldier, a dog, and a bear. My grandfather carved them for me. He can't really carve anymore, but I still love these things that he made for me when he could.

13. The Memories Jar. This was a gift my grandmother brought back for me from a golfing trip she went on. I've stuck all sorts of tickets to events I've been to and all sort of assorted mementos into this jar down through the years. I love to pop it open every now and then and remember the events associated with the stuff in jar.


  1. That's a nice list that says a lot about you. You're obviously good to your friends and family! The gifts from your grandpa and the jar from grandma touched my heart.

  2. I share several of those, but I confess I have no need at all for a feather boa!

  3. Truly a nice idea for TT!

    nice list!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! I love that idea for a Memory Jar! I'm so glad I read your blog! I also enjoyed the comment about the Ziggy cartoon...very well put!
    Thanks for sharing...have a great day!

  5. Awww. Happy memories. Nice TT. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Same family photo / books / computer & cell phone are important to me..

  7. Hey, Megan! I really like the idea of the Memory Jar -- I might have to find some for my kids. And the boa story -- that rocks.

    btw, I have the flip phone version of the chocolate. Isn't it a great thing?

    Happy TT!

  8. Great idea on your TT!

    Mine is up here;
    Thursday Thirteen!
    Happy TT!

  9. we all havethings we love thatare so fun to have around

  10. I love the memory jar and the feather boa.

    Great! thanks for sharing.

  11. I absolutely love your list. And your room sounds comfy and fun. I had a stuffed bear for a long time but he went by the wayside when the real dog and cats came along.

    Good luck on the job hunt. Don't get too discouraged. Something will come along.


  12. We did the exact same thing when we went on the London Eye. I must have 100 pictures JUST from the London Eye...