Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read-a-Thon Hour 2 Update

Reading Now: Freewill by Chris Lynch

It's been __55__ pages and __71__ reading minutes since my last update.

Total Time Spent Reading: 1 hr 11 min

Cumulative Pages Read: 55

Books Completed: 0

Eating?: 1 bowl Banana Nut Cheerios, 1 bowl Oat Cluster Crunch Cheerios

Turns out Freewill can probably be lumped into the "unusually written" category of my Read-a-thon pile, too. Turns out it's written in second person (You!), which is not something I've encountered a lot of in my reading. It's a strange story about a 17-year-old guy who's carving things in a wood shop class that he's sure he shouldn't be in, crafting things out of wood that he doesn't remember. It seems that something profoundly awful must have happened to him, but what it is remains a mystery. The style is so weird, the narration so unrealiable, and the mystery of his circumstances so engrossing that I can't help stopping myself every once in a while to try and figure it all out....


  1. Freewill does sound pretty odd. Hope you're enjoying it, though. And those banana nut cheerios. =)

  2. You definitely don't come across many 2nd person books. I always think of Choose Your Own Adventure stories when I think of 2nd person. :-) Freewill sounds like an interesting book.

  3. Your update format throws me back to the confessional at church. Mine would be, "It's been 15 years since my last confession." WOW! So fun though. Have a great day.

  4. I have to think if I even read 2nd person books. Hmmm. I am hungry for cheerios now. :) Keep it up! Happy reading!

  5. Good luck with Freewill. That sounds so interesting, and I'm curious to hear how it turns out! Happy reading!;)

  6. I love your update format! Happy Reading!

  7. Ooh, not sure if I like second person. But happy reading for that one!

  8. Give me a R
    Give me an E
    Give me an A
    Give me a D

    Woot Woot READ!!

    Banana Nut Cheerios sounds yummy!

  9. Keep up the good work! I didn't even know they made all those different kinds of Cheerios.