Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Geeky Numero Uno

So, that whole thing about keeping up with my feed reader this week is already a big FAIL. Until tonight I'd managed to eke out perhaps an hour or so total of internet time since like....Sunday. It's just been that kind of week where everybody's demanding my attention and assistance at work and at home and everything seems to be impeding my progress. I mean, even the bunnies munching grass in my driveway look at me like, "You think I'm gonna move so you can park your car, chump? No way!" It must be a rotten week if I'm imagining the local rabbits are malicious, no? All of you people reading should be glad that I didn't have the time for a proposed ranting post about my week which likely could have been titled "Things the Devil Makes You Do in Hell and Other Tales from the Workplace."

Anyhow, in my vast trash heap of a week, I have, at long last, managed to take some time for the first week of Dewey's Weekly Geeks challenge which is a pretty fine idea if I do say so myself. Something new every week - should you choose to participate every week which you don't even have to! This Dewey - she's a cool character - and I just got a book I won from one of her blogly book drawings today which brightened my day as this trash heap of a week draws ever so slowly to an agonizing finish. So yeah - three cheers for Dewey and stuff!

(I should take a moment to say that I'm feeling a bit unhinged at the moment so should not be held responsible for any excessive ridiculosity)

So yeah, I say again, this week's challenge is to visit the blogs of fellow participants, leave them some comments, and give them some link love on your blog which I am doing herein. Just what my ailing feed reader needs, right? I'm afraid to even look at it right now, but I imagine soon I'll be adding yet more blogs to it...

Anyhow, really, I'm going to get on with the show now. It should be noted that I discovered a surprising amount of blogs that were new to me and that I hope to pop in on at a later date - these are just a random sampling!

Oh and I should say hi to all you folks that visited me as part of the Weekly Geeks, too. It's been great to see some new faces around here - I promise I'm not ignoring you and purposefully being all incommunicado - I'm usually a bit more personable - but in case I haven't mentioned this yet - this week has been more than usually disruptive to my average internet activities!

Now really - some new blogs!

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops - Love the name! Love the woodsy picture up top! Interesting post about how long to press on with a book that's kind of boring her despite its many great reviews. And she's at sea. That's pretty nifty, too.

The Inside Cover - I have to say, her answer to this week's Booking Through Thursday made me smile.

Sarah's Pensieve - Her review of Napoleon's Buttons caught my eye since I've got a newfound interest in science of late. It sounds like a pretty accessible book about chemistry of all things. And this - how cool is that? I mean, really. I guess I'm in touch with my inner nerd, too. *shrugs*

Bookworms and Tea Lovers - Captured me long enough in my web wanderings to get me to add The Blessing Stone to my wish list.

Bookworm - Okay this is kind of weird that I'm using my weekly geeks post to compliment her weekly geek post, but I thought it was really clever how she used her post not only to visit some new blogs but to analyze what makes a good book review complete with book reviewing "morals."

Well, there's one week down. It's been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun. And now I've run out of time to open up the dread feed reader. Blast.


  1. I'm geeking, too! At least this week, anyway. No one who came to visit me left comments, though. I'm sad about that.

  2. Well *cough* I don't think it's weird at all. ;) Thank you so much for the link -- I'm enjoying your blog too! I hope the rest of your week is calmer!

  3. This weeks geeks was a fabulous idea! I'm very new to blogging, so its been a really good way to find great blogs to read, and already my book recommendations list is heaving!

    Thanks for the link! I like your blog, yet another one added to my reader..grr!

  4. Darn! I would love to read a rant with that title...

    So, I'll check the links out but I've got to ask - feed readers are supposed to simplify things, right? Doesn't sound to me like yours is accomplishing that...


  5. Susan, no comments? What a bummer. A few folks apparently lurked by and linked me which is nice in itself, but a bunch did leave me comments which is even better. Here's hoping future weeks of geeking will bring you more talkative traffic! =)

    Julie, you're more than welcome for the link. My week's way better now that it's kind of...over. Thanks for stopping in!

    Mariel, before this Weekly Geeks thing I thought I had a pretty good handle on the who's who of the book blogosphere, so imagine my astonishment to find sooo many more that I hadn't heard of out there doing an awesome job at the book blogging thing. It's been great fun seeing some new blogs and meeting some new people. You're welcome for the link, and I'll be sure to get you into my ever-busy feed reader! =)

    CJ, *giggles* I regaled so many people with the verbal version of that hypothetical post that I feared (and was to tired) to afflict the internet masses with it, too. One of those things the devil makes you do is file glass microscope slides by the hundreds while your hands begin to feel like they're getting huger and huger and huger (is huger a word? Maybe I still unhinged from this week)...I'm pretty sure I developed a considerable twitch after doing this for a few hours and that was only a small portion of my week! Nothing was really uncomplicated this week so I guess I'll have to give the feed reader a fair shake on less dismal week to see if it really will begin to make things less complicated! ;-)