Sunday, May 11, 2008

We interrupt this blogging for some reading...

Greetings fair readers who probably think I've disappeared. Well, I kinda did a little. So I woke up on Friday (or was it Thursday?) and it dawned on me that my deadline for Elle reading is strikingly sooner than I'd imagined (I thought I was doing so good! I thought I was ahead of the game! I should know better!). I've finished two of the three books but only started the third today amid all the Mother's Day festivating this weekend (Happy Mother's Day to you mothers by the way - I'm a big fan of mothers but not so much of Mother's Day where I'm lowered to the level of ill-equipped slave girl in the face of the mothers of my family not having to do anything to contribute to the execution of the festivating because it's like their day or something). That said, I really must finish this book by oh, mid Tuesday night so I can fulfill my bookish obligation. Since upstanding adults and employers seem to frown on people taking unexpected leisure time to finish their you say...recreational book reviews, the time will probably be extracted from what is usually reserved for blogging (because I really do much of that anyway) and blog-hopping (and I was doing so well with my feed reader!) and TV watching (because I'm sure you even care about this last one).

I am not ignoring your Weekly Geeks links, I promise I will get to them. The one day this week when I was about to attempt them Blogger was acting all flaky, so I didn't get to it. But later this coming week, I will!

In the meantime, I must read and contemplate the pitfalls of reviewing memoirs/travel writing which I will be doing a bit of when I return. I mean, how are you supposed to critique someone's life experiences and their reactions to them? The plot was kind of slow moving? The emotions seemed hollow? The self-reflection somewhat overwrought? The thought processes contradictory? The narrator bizarrely idiotic? Usually I don't seem to have a problem with this kind of thing and half a review magically appears in my head that doesn't question any of this, but these questions are gnawing at me a bit this time around. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the books thus far. I did. I just can't quite peg down what to say about them.

Alas, my blogging time is up and I must return to the book. Here's wishing you all happy reading that doesn't remind you of the rushed type of reading usually prevalent in finishing college homework assignments!


  1. Good luck on the reviews.
    I know the feeling . . . I have six or seven to do myself.

  2. Recently I notice I have spent too much time online. So I have to limit my blogging/surfing time.