Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another Day in the Life

Good day, all, and welcome, to another boring day in the life of me!  Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity is hosting the second round of her Day in the Life event, where we get to chronicle and share our days with each other.  Much to my surprise, last time it was actually really fun to write about my day in all its boring glory and even more fun to read everyone else's so I was more than happy to play again.  I chronicled last Tuesday since it was a little more exciting than the average day, though I totally took most of the pictures on Friday, because I forgot on Tuesday and also I am a cheater.  Anyhow, here it goes...

6:30 AM - Alarm goes off interrupting a vaguely disturbing dream that may be indicative of my watching too many crime TV shows lately.  It's earlier than usual, and it's the week after the spring time change so it feels even earlier, but I've got to be to work early.  I stretch out my Frankenankle (That's the ankle they surgically put back together after I broke it last summer, if you were wondering.  I usually just call him Frank.) and its accompanying leg, and then head for the shower. 

 7:30 AM - Usually I like to read a few pages over a bowl of cereal, but alas, there is no time for that today.  Cereal stays tucked in its cupboard.  Joe Meno's Marvel and a Wonder remains nestled on the cluttered coffee table, all sad and neglected.

7:45 AM - I have a super short commute now.  Unfortunately, the commute from the parking lot in to the hospital where I work takes almost as long as the commute from my apartment....

8:00 AM - Say the briefest of hellos to my desk before before bidding it a fond farewell.  Normally, I would take time to be disappointed in how deeply unfun my office area looks, but today, I have important work to do, or so they tell me.

8:10 AM - Today is all about this thing.  Meet Remmy (name has been changed to protect the innocent).  He's a very tall (Dark? Handsome? Er...nope), computer operated storage closet of sorts for all the lab's supplies.  I've heard myths that some places achieve their Rem install in a mere three days.  At my place of employment, where we like to do things the hard way, it's more like a year and three days.  The vendor rep we work with is on site for the third time.  He's been working with us for so long that my employer should probably just start paying directly into his retirement account.  My project partner in crime and I are cautiously optimistic that our pilot might actually get off the ground this time.

11:00 AM - Haggle among six people the right size space for supply after supply after supply.  I silently lament that my two years in lab almost-IT has come down to efficiently reorganizing what has essentially become the lab's giant junk drawer.

12:10 PM - We break from our exciting morning of space allocation for lunch.  I drop a contact on the floor before we manage to head to the cafeteria.  Happily, one of our developers is there and helps me find it thus saving the day from utter ruin.  Someone would literally have to take me home.  I'm blind as a bat.  I give it a rinse and jam it back in my eye, stopping for only a moment to wonder how long it will take my eye to start necrosing.  That's a fancy lab term for "rotting." The floors around here aren't exactly sanitary. 

12:30 PM - With the addition of the Remteam, lunch is filled with startling revelations about air travel for the super tall, hunting in Maine, and the absence of peanut butter in Europe.  There are places without peanut butter.  I am deeply appalled.

1:30 PM - Return to dynamic storing. The word "dynamic" really makes it sound like it might be interesting.  Don't be fooled.

2:30 PM - Break from storing to switch our other storage units back to their original server.  Take a lap of the labs getting people to log out of the software and enduring light, mostly good-natured ridicule from lab staff.

3:20 PM - Server switch completed, validation successful.  Another problem solved?

5:00 PM - Yay, workday is over!  Normally I would retire to my apartment to sloth about watching The Voice and spend a lot of truly unedifying time scrolling through my Facebook feed.  Tonight - cautiously celebratory wing night with the Remteam!

 Waiting for the bus that will take me to my car (in the next county) which will take me for wings.

6:00 PM - Table is paved with wings and cheese fries.

6:30 PM - Stomachs are paved with wings and cheese fries.

7:30 PM - Home.  I'm single and live on my own, so good news, as long as I'm okay with living in semi-squalor and rewearing the same pants tomorrow as I did yesterday, there's still plenty of time for slothing about watching The Voice on Hulu while liking cute pictures of my friends' babies on Facebook.  Yay squalor!

9:30 PM - Finish watching The Voice.  I could do something productive, but it's more fun to consider taking a sweet European vacation with a friend I haven't seen in forever to a place that looks like this.  Actually, a place that is this...

10:30 PM - Time for bed.  One more day of stimulating dynamic storage awaits!


  1. Yay for squalor! I much prefer that to being productive.

  2. What a busy day at work. You can find peanut butter in Europe but you really have to search for it. And they call themselves gourmands. lol

  3. You certainly have a busy work day! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope you get to take a vacation to that beautiful site!

  4. Can you believe I'm the only one in my family who likes peanut butter? Crazy.

    Hopefully the time went by fast at work, considering how busy you were. I am glad you found your contact!

    I enjoyed reading about your day, Megan. :-)

  5. Love it! You added some humor to everything you did. I'm afraid I didn't manage that. I posted about last Tuesday too!

  6. I never had peanut butter until I moved to the US! I did know about it though from watching The Cosby Show. :) I also like to use fancy words to make what I do sound more impressive. Right now, I am "researching" (how other people spend their days...). :)

  7. I loved this! Love your ankle name - love the fact that I didn't know that peanut butter was hard to find in Europe - love the fact that you found your contact. That shot makes me slightly dizzy, but I can see that it is a lovely place to vacation - you should go!

  8. I totally cheated for my pictures, too. :D

  9. I finally had to delete the FB app from my phone because I was doing WAY too much mindless scrolling. Now I just waste that time on twitter, but at least I like those people. LOL!! Your post had me laughing throughout. And hey--I rewear the same pants every night, too. If they're comfy enough....

    And no peanut butter?! Of course I've never had nutella, so... Thanks for playing along again Megan.

  10. Now I want wings and cheese fries. That sounds amazing!!! I've heard the peanut butter thing and am mystified. We ran out of peanut butter one time and you would've thought there was no food in the house and no one could find anything to eat. Also you're not supposed to wash your pants every time you wear them unless you got an obvious stain on them because of the environment and stuff. Or at least that's what I tell myself!

  11. More wings and cheese fries! Wanttttt.

  12. LOL loved reading about your day Megan. My husband woke me up the other night to say I was screaming )don't remember it but, attribute it to crime shows as well). LOL

  13. I can't imagine life without peanut butter! Thanks for the fun read about your day!

  14. No one can make a boring day at work sound quite as fun and exciting as you can, Megan! I swear, everything you write makes me smile :)

  15. I hope that your ankle has healed nicely! My friends are leaving tomorrow, maybe I'd better tell them to throw peanut butter in the suitcase!

  16. I love how you have named your ankle. :)

  17. I've had those crime show induced dreams too. They can be disturbing.
    I need to find ways to work the term 'dynamic storing' into my everyday conversation.

  18. Hello Megan! Loved reading about a day in your life and I'm with you. I think I watch too many crime shows sometimes. I enjoy them but I really need to watch them earlier in the evening. Oh and nothing wrong about dreaming about lovely vacation places to travel to!

  19. Where ever that picture is... GO! Are you going? You ARE going, right?