Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry After Christmas!

Season's Greetings, all!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas (or whatever else you might happen to celebrate this time of year)! I spent some great time with my family this year, and got a bunch of great gifts like a Wii Fit and the complete paperback boxed set of Harry Potter books that I've been itching to have ever since I had to give back the first five that I'd borrowed to read. I know I had a great Christmas season and an excellent holiday, but I am more than ready to get my life back on track. It seems I've been letting a ton of things slip, not least the blog you see before you, while I've been frantically bouncing between one Christmas thing and another.

This month has been a colossal blogging failure. That said, I have good news! I think its rejuvenation is on horizon because, you see, though I may not be blogging, I have been reading and enjoying it more than I have since something like a few months ago. I'm imaginging that this whole loving reading thing combined with that inevitable "I'm going to do everything better, faster, stronger, etc!" feeling that comes with the new year will help me get back on track.

I've been thinking about this year's reading and mulling over some loose blogging and reading goals for next year. Once I hash them out in my head, expect to see a post here. Hopefully if I actually publish a few goals this year, it will help me to keep to them a little better. I'm also considering the recipients for this year's Leafy Awards, to be bestowed early in the new year. And yet more, I'm considering, you know, actually reviewing some books here at some point. My reviewing mojo has been way, super off in the latter part of this year, and believe you me, the when and the how of book reviewing are two things I'm really working over for that goals post.

So what's new, everybody? Get any great bookish Christmas plunder? Do you have any admirable reading and blogging goals that I, too, can aspire to for next year?


  1. There are no rules to blogging, so you can't be a failure. I didn't get any bookish gifts this year.

  2. I'm finally starting to feel like reading and reviewing too. :) and like commenting on blogs - it's been awhile for me...

  3. I second Kathy's thoughts. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I hope you enjoy Wii Fit. I have fun with it. Pair it with Just Dance or some other dancing program for fun.

  5. Kathy - True, true, but it is a *kind* of a failure to just vanish from it altogether for the better part of a month. ;-)

    Amanda - Yay! The only thing I've managed to surface to do this month is comment here and there. Sometimes it's just easier than thinking of something to write for myself.

    Anna - Thanks! I hope you had a fantastic holiday, too!

    Trisha - I'm enjoying my Wii Fit. The only thing it seems to think I'm any good at is yoga, and oh, I just love the sound of its high-pitched little voice when it calls me obese. But it's okay. I'm embracing it. LOL! I love Just Dance. Got Just Dance 3 for Christmas too as a matter of fact. =)

  6. I like the Wii fit. It's really fun. I also slacked on blogging for the last week due to the holidays. But I'm getting back in the swing of things.

    Hope you have a great New Year.

  7. Merry Christmas, Megan! And Happy New Year!

    btw - I love the name you gave to dog house - Barbie Hut - from your earlier post. Made me laugh out loud!