Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger!

The bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish are celebrating their one year blogoversary this week (Congrats, by the way!). In honor of the occasion, the topic of this week's top ten list is the "Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger." Should be a piece of cake, right? =)

1. Other Book Bloggers - They're book nuts, just like me! When you meet them it's like meeting old friends that you've never technically met before.

2. The Community - I especially love when practically the whole book blogosphere gets together for stuff like the 24 Hour Readathon and Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

3. Being in the Know about the New - Okay, maybe swimming in review copy commitments isn't always ideal, but I love keeping up with the new and exciting books coming out before or as they arrive on the scene with the help of my favorite book bloggers.

4. First Rate Book Recommendations - Where else can you find people that seem to have the exact same taste in books as you where every book they love, you can bet you'll love it, too? Even more, where else can you find people who can talk so passionately and coherently about the books that they love that you find yourself picking up books to read that you wouldn't have given a second thought before?

5. Having Your Bookish Horizons Broadened - Book bloggers have gotten me to try short stories. And audiobooks now, too. Can't wait to see what's next!

6. BEA/Book Blogger Con - I've been there 2 years now, and would happily go again! All the books and book bloggers and bookish people and bookish events and everything all in one place. It's a book person's paradise and something I never would have even dreamed about before book blogging made it a possibility!

7. The Books - Okay, a shallow reason for loving being a book blogger, but I can't deny that getting the occasional advance copy of a book that I'm super excited about is worth loving!

8. Getting to Talk About Great Books - Is its own reward. And sometimes people even read my ramblings and comment on them. Double win!

9. Twitter - I never would have joined without the help (or is it peer pressure??) of book bloggers who always seem to having great fun or hatching brilliant plans on Twitter. Now whenever I feel like "talking" or getting an answer to a random question or whining or whatever, there's a friendly tweeting book blogger to chatter at.

10. Feeling Normal - When you spend all day with people who couldn't care less if they read a book this year, you start to feel like maybe, just maybe, you're the freak. So, it's nice to be in the company, however virtual, of people who don't think you're crazy if you think it's a first rate crisis if you forgot to put a book in your bag to keep you company on your lunch break or who don't look askance at you if you have a few shelves double stacked with books. It's good to have friends that enable my "book problem."

What do you love about being a book blogger? Or a book lover in general?


  1. I do love blogging - especially the community, without you guys it wouldn't be fun.

  2. I love chatting with people who love books as much as I do, and blogging has made my obsession with WWII novels and Austen variations seem less crazy. LOL

  3. I love visiting others' blogs and reading phrases like "Being in the Know about the New". Delightful.

    Here's my list of Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger.

  4. I'm with you on feeling normal! At my last desk job, I was the ONLY person who stayed at my desk to read on lunch. Everyone else either went out or worked through it, and thought I was a weirdo for reading during that hour. Freaks!

  5. Great list! I love being part of the book blogging community and finding others with the exact same reading tastes! Book bloggers are the best!

  6. I've seen Read-a-Thons appear on a few lists today and it really makes me want to participate in one!!

    And I keep telling myself I need to dive into Twitter. I've been a hold-out, but the more I see bloggers buzzing (or rather tweeting?) about it, I'm thinking it might be time to take the plunge!

    Great list and happy to be a fellow enabler of book addiction!

  7. I love your reasons and completely agree with them - except I've never been to BEA/Book Blogger Con, I'm jealous! I also find that since I've started book blogging, I'll make more time to read - it's like a side job almost (except for the whole making money thing lol), so I can justify taking the extra time to sit and read because I know there are people who will appreciate the reviews and want to talk about the books with me.

  8. I would whole heartedly agree with each of your top ten reasons except for Twitter. That one leaves me cold...perhaps because I can't add one more thing to my technology plate (check on that, too, every day?! Or, check my phone?) But, you stated so succinctly all the wonderful parts of being a book blogger.