Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Dose of Random Randomness #6: The Post-Vacation Edition

- Yes, I went on a little vacation. I meant to tell you about it, but then I ran out of time what with all the packing and the preparing and my dog being sick and broken. Er, sorry. I was here...

- We rode the Metro, but we never changed lines at Metro Center *grumble, grumble.* We saw monuments and memorials, browsed museums, and watched the Yankees game at McGinty's (which is not really what people do there on a Saturday night while there is live entertainment, but hey, we really wanted to see the game). We even paid a visit to Kramerbooks where we browsed at length (my friend actually appreciates my book nerdy-ness!). (Un)Fortunately, I was able to behave myself and did not buy a book. It's an awesome place, though, and a place where I would eagerly buy lots of books if I were allowing myself to acquire books. (See below)

- That's because I've been contemplating one of those all-out book acquisition bans that I've never been able to bring myself to try before. My physical TBR is wildly out of control, and it's time I took some decisive action, and it may have to be to go off book acquiring cold turkey for a while. Maybe til the end of the year. Maybe longer. It definitely *should* be longer, but I don't know if I can force myself to do it longer. Getting books makes me happy, so not getting books could plunge me into a deep depression by Christmas, or uh, Thanksgiving. *sigh*

- This is the first time this year that I've been reading more than one book at a time. I'm about halfway through Deb Caletti's The Nature of Jade compliments of my BBC swag bag. I'm loving the animal behavior facts at the beginning of each chapter. But then when Operating Room Confidential by Paul Whang showed up in my mailbox for the Green Books Campaign a paragraph or two became a chapter and a chapter became half the book, and so I'm in the middle of that, too!

- I've only been to D.C. twice this year, but both (unintentionally) were during the 24 hour readathon. So bummed I missed it, but not bummed enough to miss out on a little vacation! I think I need to have my own lonely readathon and get some more books read. (See above about reducing the physical TBR)

- I have less than no interest in all those Pride and Prejudice sequels written by modern day authors, even the ones that everyone seems to love. Are there any types of books that even the most glowing reviews couldn't convince you to read?


  1. Oh Megan, you little getaway sounded wonderful. Congrats on being able to browse books and not buy....that deserves a reward...maybe a book LOL

    Seriously, I have big plans for 2011, which includes book bans to some extent.

  2. Oh how I'd love to go to DC one day!! So much history and things to see. Glad you had a great trip.

    No interest in the Austen sequels either. But people sure gobble them up, huh?

    And I'm with you about the book purging. My shelves are in serious trouble and I just keep bringing more in. But it's painful, isn't it? Physically! LOL!! :D

  3. DC is on of my favorite cities - I went to college in Virginia and many of my college friends are in the DC/NoVA area now. It just has so much to offer a visitor - glad you had a good time!

    I did the readathon this weekend and couldn't find a book I had on deck to read - a sure sign my bookshelves have gotten out of control - I either need to institute a book ban or implement some inventory system. Of course the inventory system appeals - I can't seem to bring myself to stopping the influx of books! You are courageous to consider it . . .

  4. I always give up book-buying for Lent, but I'm thinking I may need to start sooner. I'm getting buried (but what a way to go)!

    I visited Kramerbooks when I was in DC back in June and loved it. I was not as disciplined as you, though - I did NOT leave empty-handed! :-)

  5. "Getting books makes me happy, so not getting books could plunge me into a deep depression by Christmas, or uh, Thanksgiving."...or possibly even Halloween? ;)

    I so want to go to D.C.!!! Glad you had a fun little getaway, Megan!

  6. "Getting books makes me happy, so not getting books could plunge me into a deep depression by Christmas, or uh, Thanksgiving."...or possibly even Halloween? ;)

    I so want to go to D.C.!!! Glad you had a fun little getaway, Megan!

  7. I was gone too, but not for a fun reason. I'm not a fan of the Austen sequels either.

  8. Diane - it's actually gotten to the point that after the initial euphoria of book acquisition panic and guilt quickly follow, so it's definitely a good time for me to try out the ban. It's proven by the fact that I didn't even *feel* that bad about having left empty handed....I've never felt this way before! LOL

    Trish - DC is great. It's one of those places you can spend days and days and days in and never get bored. Hope you get there sometime soon! =)

    Colleen - it definitely does have plenty to offer a visitor! Wish I had a few friends down that way, so I'd have an excuse to go more often! My book acquisitions have been out of control for quite some time, especially considering how long it takes me to read books. It might be more courageous to keep getting more books at this pace since they'll overtake me soon, and I may be crushed... ;-)

    Florinda - That I left empty-handed should tell you the state of things. I'm actually starting to worry that I might not get all these books read in my *lifetime* and yet more are coming in!

    Debi - Yeah....possibly Halloween... =/ I'm hoping there are still a few residual books coming my way in the mail that'll help get me over that Halloween hump. Haha!

    Kathy - Sorry you were gone for a not fun reason. Hope everything is all right....

  9. Had no idea you were going to be in D.C. I live between D.C. and Baltimore. Ah, maybe next time we can meet up.

  10. I like that picture a lot - I'm glad you had a fun vacation. I thought about doing a total book buying ban, but that feels too restrictive. I'm still working out the details on a less awful type of ban, but I also need to stop collecting so many books.

    Operating Room Confidential sounds fun - I'm glad you're liking it.