Thursday, July 23, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - I prefer....

Ah, how I love it when BTT is easy. But I'm sure I'm going to write more than I'm supposed to...

Which do you prefer? (Quick answers–we’ll do more detail at some later date)

Reading something frivolous? Or something serious?
Serious. A couple of years ago, one of my friends asked me to recommend something to read that was just fun and enjoyable and I totally drew a blank. I've since remedied the problem somewhat.

Paperbacks? Or hardcovers? Paperbacks. But they have to be trade. None of this mass market madness. Blargh.

Fiction? Or Nonfiction? Fiction. Though I do like some good non-fiction on occasion, my bookshelf definitely leans heavily toward fiction.

Poetry? Or Prose? Prose. Poetry is way more likely to make my poor brain hurt.

Biographies? Or Autobiographies? Autobiographies.

History? Or Historical Fiction? Historical fiction.

Series? Or Stand-alones? Stand-alones mostly, but if a series is really good, I'm not opposed to jumping the bandwagon.

Classics? Or best-sellers? Both. Or maybe neither. How about some nice mid-list contemporary literary fiction? Where's that option? ;-)

Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose? Each in their own time.

Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness? I heart plots.

Long books? Or Short? Good books. Doesn't matter how long they are.

Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated? Non-illustrated.

Borrowed? Or Owned? Owned. I can't hack time limits.

New? Or Used? Both as long as the used ones are in pretty good condition.

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  1. I like your answers :) My blog is named "Well-Mannered Frivolity" - can you guess what my answer to number 1 was? Here's my BTT response:

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