Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Begun!

Yes, that's right everybody! I've decided to suspend my total failure at book blogging to encourage the masses today as they attempt to read for 24 hours straight. Sadly, I wasn't able to participate in an "official" capacity while Dewey was still with us, but I'm greatly looking forward to being involved this time around.

I'm hoping to spend a lot of time cheering but also a good chunk of time reading, too. I mean, it's only right, right? And maybe catching up on a couple of reviews and generally trying to make a good blogger of myself. But it's also really nice out, so I might spend some time walking about the neighborhood (but I could also read...*outside*!).

So, after a brief jaunt out for the traditional Saturday morning breakfast of bacon and homefries and toast (I don't like eggs, okay? LOL) to fortify me for the day, I'll be back and cheering the many, many readers who are participating. Good luck and happy reading everybody!


  1. Enjoy your breakfast, and happy cheering, Megan :D

  2. I'm cheerleading too. I have prom tonight, and I know that staying up for 24 hours would just not work for me anyways. So I'm just doing things around the blog today too.

    Enjoy that lovely breakfast!

  3. Don't stress about comments - it's all about the fun and, of course, people LOVE the quantity of comments and people love the quality of comments - thus, it all evens out and doesn't really matter as long as YOU have fun. How's that for any answer!??! We have so many more cheerleaders this year than we've ever had, I think - I have yet to find many readers with zero comments: I tend to leave a more thoughtful comment if no one else has visited and if tons have, I just leave a "CHEERS!" Does that help? CHEERS to you!!